The Smart Forecaster and Smart Software, Inc.

Smart Software, Inc. is dedicated to advancing state-of-the-art demand forecasting and inventory optimization, to help all inventory-intensive operations improve services, reduce costs and streamline cash flow. Our blog, The Smart Forecaster, brings together business practitioners, technologists and policy makers who can stimulate our collective thinking and pursuit of best practices. The blog will draw from our own experience, developed over the nearly thirty years since our founding in 1984, and feature guest posts from a broad cross-section of industry, government and academic contributors.

We invite your comments on featured postings, and welcome your interest in contributing as a guest blogger or recommending topics we should pursue. Please note that the comments section of this blog site is moderated to support informed discussion. Please feel free to contact the blog via e-mail at blog (at) smartcorp (dot) com.

A bit about Smart Software: Headquartered in Belmont, Massachusetts, we are a best-in-class provider of demand forecasting, planning and inventory optimization solutions. Our flagship product, SmartForecasts®, provides customers with a clear view of likely future demand, and the safety stocks and reorder points required to achieve targeted service level goals. SmartForecasts delivers unparalleled forecast accuracy, enabling clients to achieve service goals with substantially less inventory. Our statistical forecasting methods support all demand types, and include a unique, patented approach to intermittent demand, the seemingly random consumption of products most common with service parts. To learn more about our capabilities, please visit our website, www.smartcorp.com.

The Smart Forecaster is powered by WordPress. The theme is a modification of Coraline by Automatic. The warehouse photograph featured in the Smart Forecaster masthead banner comes courtesy of Metro-North Railroad.

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